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Bikes of Goodspeed Blog!

Everyone has their own speed. Some people have one bike that defines them, others have a whole garage full. In either case, every one of those bikes tells a story. Here is a sampling of some stories that have been in and out of the doors of Goodspeed. Have a bike that you think the community would love to see? Send an email to with some pictures and a story. We just might feature you here!

Jason's Surly Disc Trucker

Does the rider shape the bike, or does the bike shape the rider?


Jeff and Karen's Gary Fisher Gemini Tandem ATB

They'll look sweet upon these seats!


Barb's Velo Orange Polyvalent Low-Kicker

Classy, functional, and soooo shiny!


Josh's Surly Long Haul Trucker

Always ready for an overnight, a trip to the grocery store, or the apocalypse.