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Our History

GoodSpeed: The Story Behind The Name

GoodSpeed Cycles opened in May of 2010 following the acquisition of Byron's Bike Shop by a former employee, Graham Bolkema. It was named in loving memory of Graham's father, Gerry, who drew everyone in to share his love of cycling. Gerry always said that riding a bicycle was the best way to explore and enjoy our neighborhoods and the world. The bicycle has just enough speed to go far. It is also just the right speed to savor what you find.

Goodspeed Cycles has evolved in to a place that helps everyone find their own “good speed”. Everything we do revolves around the idea that the bicycle is the best way to travel, whether the purpose is transportation, recreation, or competition. We work hard to understand our customers needs and provide products and services that enhance and maintain those needs.

Goodspeed Cycles strives to provide an environment and community “where YOUR speed is the Goodspeed”. No exceptions.