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Happy New Bike Day!

...Or maybe you just want to know more about taking better care of a bike you've had for a while! Either way, Goodspeed Cycles is here to help you have the best experience possible riding your bike!

Check your tire pressure before every ride!

Innertubes are basically balloons, and eventually, lose air. Check your tire pressure often to avoid flats and help prevent tire wear. Your new bike card or the card recieved after service should have your recommended tire pressure, but if you can't track that down, give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Make sure your bike is safe!

A simple run through of your bike can prevent some avoidable issues for your bike and your safety.

Keep that chain lubricated!

DO NOT USE WD-40! Your chain will last longer, perform better and quieter when it is properly lubricated.

Flats happen!

Make sure you have the tools and knowledge to fix one when it does.

Have an e-bike?

Awesome! General bike maintenance applies, but there are a couple additional things you should know.